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Animal Rescue based in north west Kent
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Kittens Needing a Home

Adoption information Rehomed kittens #andy2

We require new owners to guarantee that their kittens will not go out until after they have been neutered at 5 months

This is to reduce the large number of unwanted cats, and to ensure that no kitten for re-homing can breed

Usually Anim-Mates kittens are homed in pairs

We may rehome a single kitten if there is an existing kitten or young cat in the household already

New homes must be without very young children


If you can offer a home to
Harlow and Marlowe
please email Bobbie in ME3

Marlowe and Harlow

14-week-old kittens Marlowe and Harlow are a gorgeous pair of siblings looking for their forever home.

Both are very friendly and playful and love curling up together when they sleep.

Marlowe has longer fur while his brother Harlow has a very lush, dense silky coat.

Marlowe and Harlow are flea and worm treated, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

As they are inseparable, they need to be rehomed together.

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