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Animal Rescue based in north west Kent
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Kittens Needing a Home

Adoption information Rehomed kittens #andy2

We require new owners to guarantee that their kittens will not go out until after they have been neutered at 5 months

This is to reduce the large number of unwanted cats, and to ensure that no kitten for re-homing can breed

Usually Anim-Mates kittens are homed in pairs

We may rehome a single kitten if there is an existing kitten or young cat in the household already

New homes must be without very young children


Tiny Tim and Oban

These two adorable kittens, who met while in foster care, have become the best of friends.

Tiny Tim and Oban spend hours playing and chasing each other and end up cuddled together to get some sleep.

As they are nine weeks old the boys are ready to go to a new home where they will spend the rest of their lives together.

Tiny Tim and Oban are very friendly and confident and purr as soon as they are touched.

While Oban is the more intrepid and adventurous of the two, Tiny Tim is more affectionate and cuddly and loves to settle down on a lap.

Tiny Tim, who was dumped in an overgrown bramble hedge on an isolated stretch of a Rochester road, was found by a passer-by. The hedge was so tangled she had to go home to get shears to cut free the trapped kitten.

Oban was handed over to us by another rescue group, Animals Lost and Found in Kent, who were given Oban in a most clandestine way.

His owner wouldn’t give them her name, address of phone number, but agreed to meet a volunteer in a car park at night where she handed over seven-week-old Oban, who was covered in fleas and full of worms.

They boys have had their first vaccinations, been flea and worm treated and microchipped.

A new owner will have to keep them indoors until they are neutered at five months of age.

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If you can offer a home to
Tiny Tim and Oban
please call Bobbie in ME3

07808 625519
or text the name Oban to the number