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Our aim is to find every animal the best home that is suitable for him or her. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you, and ourselves. If you are considering adopting one of our animals, please read our adoption policy.


Rosie is an incredibly gentle, affectionate and sweet-natured cat who loves to interact with people and can be quite chatty at times. She is also quite playful, her favourite are feathers on a stick. Rosie loves to sit on your lap to be petted and stroked for as long as you’re willing and she also likes to stretch out on the floor to have her tummy tickled. Sadly, due to health issues, her owner had to give Rosie up. Rosie would be best off in a quiet home without very young children or other pets. She’d love a good-sized cat-friendly garden with shrubs and trees, so that she can enjoy the outdoors without being intimidated by other cats (in the past Rosie has suffered bullying by some local cats). 10-year old Rosie is neutered, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations and flea+worm treatments. She is in fantastic health despite being slightly overweight (we are working on this!). If you’d like to offer Rosie a loving home please call Bobbie on 07808 625519.



Draven is an exceptionally gentle, affectionate and devoted boy who will make a wonderful companion. He likes his routine and a quiet life and would thrive in a calm adult only household without young children or other pets. He might initialy be shy, but once you gained his trust he just craves attention and affection. He also loves being brushed and belly rubs.
Draven has lived all his life with a couple of elderly people in a caravan park, both sadly had to go into a care home.
Draven is neutered, microchipped, blood tested, flea+worm treated and about to be vaccinated. He also had a dental done.
He is thought to be about 9 years young and is in perfect health.
If you would like to offer Draven a loving home, please call Bobbie on 07808 625519.



Twinkle is a very sweet and gentle cat who loves to sit on laps. She purrs and rubs herself against your hand affectionately. She loves playing and catnip but ideally she would like a quiet life. Unfortunately she doesn’t enjoy living with other animals, especially other cats.
13-year old Twinkle would like a little garden where she can sunbathe and enjoy the grass. She doesn’t hunt. 
She is neutered, microchipped, blood tested and up to date with flea and worm treatments. She just had a dental done and is in perfect health, we are about to start her vaccinations.
Twinkle was left behind by her orginal owner when they moved away. The kind lady who took her in sadly had to give her up for health reasons after a nasty fall.
Twinkle is now looking for her forever home, she has so much love to give!
Please contact Bobbie on 07808 625519 if you’d like to offer Twinkle a home.




Beautiful Blue is a lovely two year old girl that is looking for a spacious home with a new friend. When Blue came to us she was a little bit feisty as she hadn’t been spayed. Now spayed and fully vaccinated Blue is looking forward to a new home. Please call Lisa 07796 368243









Three gorgeous piggies looking for new indoor homes. Two and a half year old Nutmeg (ginger /black Abby), two and a half year old neutered Burt Reynolds (ginger Abby) and one year old Mabel, who are a bonded pair.
Please call Lisa 07796 368243