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Until Anim-Mates is able to recruit more volunteer fosterers we are not able to rescue as many cats as we would like.

If you cannot find a cat below to adopt, please consider adopting from other cat rescue charities.

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In our foster care Billy-Bob has become a very playful and bold cat.

He loves to play with his feathers on a stick toy or a shoe lace and can keep himself entertained for hours.

You cannot leave the sofa without losing your seat to this handsome boy although he will do anything for Dreamies!

He enjoys head rubs and may have a little dribble if you hit the right spot.

Billy-Bob is better suited to a quieter adult household, possibly with older children.

Some loud noises still scare him so he will need places to hide and relax.

Billy-Bob was a stray from Wouldham, where he is thought to have been abandoned 18 months ago.

Billy-Bob has been neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated and flea and worm treated.

He could possibly live with other cats, as long as they are very laid back and wouldn't dominate him. He has met the cats in his foster home and he seemed very relaxed in their presence.

A new home must be without young children or dogs.

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If you can offer a
home to Billy-Bob
please call Bobbie

07808 625519
or, if unanswered, text the name Billy-Bob to the number



2-year-old Phoebe is a very friendly and loving cat who loves a fuss. She has a lovely temperament and will purr for hours if she is having a fuss.

Phoebe enjoys being groomed and playing with her toys. Now the weather has warmed up she enjoys spending time outside and likes playing with other cats,

She loves to curl up and sleep next to someone and her favourite thing is to snooze under the duvet covers or to sit in the sunshine.

Phoebe enjoys her food, especially if she gets a little treat.

Phoebe's owner had to go into a care home and her granddaughter Katherine has taken her in temporarily, but cannot keep her as she has a dog and Phoebe hates dogs..

Phoebe can be a bit nervous until she gets to know someone. She is good around children.

Phoebe is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with worm and flea treatments.

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If you can offer
a home to Phoebe
please call Bobbie

07808 625519
or text the name Phoebe to the number



Mouse is an active young boy who loves to play, but equally likes to cuddle up and knead away on a lap.

He can be quite vocal and will tell you if he isn't getting enough attention or wants more food.

June, a cat owner, found Mouse straying. He was very thin, covered in fleas and riddled with worms.

After a week of being regularly fed Mouse began to trust June and she was able to take him to her home.

The next day Mouse was taken to a vet and treated for fleas and worms. He was also vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. The vet estimated Mouse to be about 12 months old.

After settling into June’s home Mouse’s personality soon shone through. He became a playful and loving big kitten.

Unfortunately, June’s own two timid cats were quite irritated by the newcomer and didn’t take to Mouse at all.

As the atmosphere worsened, June reluctantly decided that harmony would only return if Mouse was found a new home.

Since living with June, Mouse has shown absolutely no interest at all in going outside, so we are looking for an indoor home for him.

Mouse needs an indoor home

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If you can offer
a home to Mouse
please call Bobbie

07808 625519
  or text the name Mouse to the number