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Guinea Pigs Needing a Home

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Long-haired William has given us a bit of a challenge. When he went to be neutered, only one of his testicles was found.

The vet said that it would be inadvisable to put William through another operation to find his other testicle.

This means William may, or may not, be able to father more guinea pigs.

To avoid that chance, he could be rehomed to live on his own, however, guinea pigs are herd animals - If they don’t have company they can get depressed and lonely.

We would like to find William a home where there is already another male pig; two or more males can live together quite happily.

The alternative is for him to live with a neutered female, although finding one may be difficult because not many girls are neutered as it can be too delicate an  operation for females.

Being long-haired William, will need a lot of brushing and trimming to keep him looking and feeling his best.

If you have another pig
and can offer a home
to William
please call Lisa

           01634 578258
               or 07796 368243

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