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This is Reuben, a stray whom we saved just hours before he was due to be put down because he had a very bad leg injury.

Reuben is currently being treated for a severe bone infection which means he will be hospitalised for the next 7-10 days, receiving strong antibiotics intravenously.

Reuben's vet bill will be very high and any donations towards his treatment will be much appreciated, every £ will make a difference. If you are able to help please click HERE

Here’s how Reuben was saved from certain death:

Two very concerned Gillingham cat lovers who had been trying to catch this badly limping stray boy for a month managed to contain him on Saturday night and took him to an emergency vet.

The next morning they were informed that Reuben’s leg was in a very bad way and the injury was quite old and it could cost thousands of pounds to put him right.

Much to their horror they were advised it was best to have Reuben put down. Determined that Reuben should be saved they asked the vet not to put him down and went about putting Reuben’s plight on social media asking for support.

We understand that at least two cash-rich national animal charities declined to come to Reuben’s help.

Our cat manager Bobbie spotted their appeal and pleaded with the vet not to put Reuben to sleep and offered to rescue him that Sunday morning. But the emergency vet kept her at bay right up until the Wednesday night.

Bobbie rushed Reuben to our vet first thing the next morning. Blood test results showed that Reuben has a very severe infection and terrible anaemia, but his organs are in perfect working order.

Two x-rays were taken, one of the abdomen which looked absolutely fine and one of his injured front leg. The upper leg showed a drastic change for which there can be three explanations:

1. Osteomyelitis (bone infection)

2. Self-repair of the bone

3. Osteosarcoma (cancer)

Reuben is currently being treated for the bone infection we suspect he has.

In a few days Reuben's blood test and x-rays will be repeated to see if this treatment helps.

We have everything crossed that this sweet boy recovers from this serious condition so he can have the second chance in life he so deserves.

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