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Animal Rescue based in north west Kent
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Bop, who was born feral in 2006, was rescued from slaughter. In 2011 he came through a major operation to remove a cancerous tumour that was compressing his spinal cord.

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Meep and Mignon

Two semi-feral pals who live in their own special house in their fosterer’s garden.


This young goat has three legs after one had to be amputated after an accident.
Simon was originally rescued from being slaughtered

Once you have chosen which of these animals you wish to sponsor  

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After her owner kicked Daisy-May so horrifically she had to have a leg amputated. This lovely Collie is now safe in our Care for Life

Buster and Hetty

Buster has severely impaired eyesight and Hetty has malignant tumours, making them both unsuitable for rehoming.
Since being bonded together they are much happier.


Edward, was found roaming the streets of East London.

Now he lives happily with the other goats in our care.

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