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Meet the Anim-Mates Mascot Willy Wonka

Willy is a rather special cat who was born in June 2002. He is called Willy, short for Willy Wonka, because he was born with deformed legs, and when he walked, he was a bit wonky.

At first the outlook was not hopeful and so he was to stay with Anim-Mates and have a loving, stimulating young life all the time that he had no pain and enjoyed himself.

Then a vet said Willy could have a better life if he went through a number of operations to correct his deformity.

The Kentish Times newspaper took Willy to their hearts and appealed for donations so he could have his operations. The public's reaction was overwhelming. Willy had his operations and recovered well.

We spoke to The Kentish Times about the extra funding that had been received and discussed the possibility of using the these funds sent in for Willy, to set up a fund for any other animals that may come in with special needs.

The funds will always be available to Willy if he needs them, but he is happy to share his good fortune with other animals that, like him, need that extra special care.

Willy still lives a very happy, active and a wonky life with his adopter in Kent.

Willy at 14 months

Willy at 14 years