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Run your own stall at a Car Boot Fair in aid of Anim-Mates  

Many Friends have a clear-out at home and run their own stall at a boot fair, donating the proceeds to Anim-Mates.

It can be a fun experience - here are some helpful tips from one of our regulars.

I have been going to car boot sales for years
and I think the best ones are on from April to September. I have done quite a few car boots myself and from experience, I would like to offer the following general advice to sellers.

Find out the weather forecast beforehand. The BBC website can give the local forecast a few days ahead.

Try and previously visit a car boot sale as a browser, this will give you ideas about prices etc and what the atmosphere is like.

It is a good idea to have everything priced previously. If the stuff is not priced some people assume that it is quite expensive and pass on.

 Always price goods at a bit more than you are willing to accept as people always try to knock you down, so if you want to get say £5 for something price it up at £6 or £7 but be realistic. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be going home with as much stuff as you bought with you so you have to compromise

Do take reasonable offers on items, but don't be bullied into give things away for a song.

It is a good idea to have someone with you if possible so they can keep an eye on the stall while you are unloading stuff.

Be aware that when you first pull in and start to unpack the car, buyers will rush you, they will try rummaging in your boxes and some will try to get in the back of the car, looking for bargains.

If you have any small items such as jewellery, display them where they can easily be watched.

If you are selling items that come in pairs such as shoes, display only one and keep the other in the car, otherwise you might find these getting stolen while your attention is elsewhere.

Let the buyers browse in peace, while keeping a discreet eye on them. Do not pounce on people and try the hard sell as soon as they pick up an item, it will only put them off. If they are interested they will approach you with any offers, queries etc.

Take plenty of change in a bum bag, I used to take around £30 including 2x£5 notes.

Take plenty of carrier bags and newspapers to wrap-up fragile items.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Have a smile, be polite and thank the buyers, no matter how little they spend.

Happy selling!

To download the tips on this page and print them out

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