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Until Anim-Mates is able to recruit more volunteer fosterers we are not able to rescue as many cats as we would like.

If you cannot find a cat below to adopt, please consider adopting from other cat rescue charities.

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If you can
offer a home to
Shah and Teagan

please call Bobbie
07808 625519

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Shah and Teagan

A kitten and her mum are looking for a home together.

Mum Shah is barely a year old and very petite. Her daughter Teagan is approximately 11 weeks old and very close to her mum.

The pair were found abandoned in a country lane and brought to our rescue.

Shah is a little cautious with new people but soon relaxes. She is very affectionate but at the moment resists being picked up.

Teagan is confident and affectionate and, like all kittens, very playful.

Shah and Teagan would benefit from a calm home without very young children.

Both cats have been microchipped, vaccinated and flea and worm treated.

Shah is neutered and Teagan will need neutering once she about four months old.

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If you can
offer a home to
please call Bobbie
07808 625519

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Smudge is a handsome and affectionate 5-year-old boy who came into Anim-Mates' care when his owner passed away.  

He was mourning and confused in the beginning but has grown very confident in his foster home.

Smudge might be nervous at first, but soon relaxes when he gets to know someone.

He loves sitting next to people and will lay on his back when he is stroked.  He enjoys watching videos of birds on YouTube and head butting everything, including hands and noses.

Smudge is an easy going, friendly cat that adapts easily to change and flourishes from human contact. We were told Smudge loved laying on his late owner's lap or was draped around her shoulders.

He is fine with children but has not met other cats or dogs.

Smudge is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and flea and worm treated.

Benji - currently in reception

This is Benji, our latest rescue. Having lived as a stray in Folkestone for a long time, he recently acquired two nasty abscess wounds and a serious eye injury.

A concerned member of the public managed to capture him and took him to the vets. The vets persevered and kept treating his wounds and eye (uveitis which has now fully resolved and removing the sequestrum [dead tissue of cornea]).

Sadly, it looked like the eye is so badly damaged that it will cause him more discomfort rather than being of any use, and the next step would be the removal of the eye.

Benji's  was depressed and hissy at the vets, didn't use his litter tray well and nobody was willing to take him on. As a result euthanasia was suggested.

At this point Anim-Mates stepped in and we offered to take Benji into our care.

Benji saw our vet Antonio , who is not willing to give up on his eye just yet.  Benji has two different types of eye drops and we are now hoping for the best.

Benjis terrible abscess wound at the base of his tail has not been healing, despite 2 weeks of treatment. It will need to be debrided and stitched up, which is booked in for next Thursday along with his castration. Until then we treat his wounds with medical grade Manuka Honey.

Benji is over the moon to be in foster care after having spent 2 weeks at the vets. He can't stop purring and doing happy dances

Snowball - currently in reception

This poor girl was found living as a stray, just skin and bones and struggling to eat.

Her mouth was in dreadful condition - wobbly teeth held together by massive blocks of tartar, surrounded by sore and inflamed gums.

After a couple of days of feeding, cleaning and observing her we booked her in with our vets.

Luckily Snowball's wellness blood profile came back fine and at least she doesn't have any health issues.

Snowball had to have 13 teeth extracted (a lot were missing already and she now only has four left, bless her). Part of the inflammatory tissue of her gum looked suspicious and our vet sent it off for histology to rule out cancer.

We are now waiting for her gums to heal after this big procedure and hopefully she can soon enjoy her food again and put on some weight (she only weighs 2.6kg!)

In a week's time we should also have the histology report with hopefully good news.