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Until Anim-Mates is able to recruit more volunteer fosterers we are not able to rescue as many cats as we would like.

If you cannot find a cat below to adopt, please consider adopting from other cat rescue charities.

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If you can offer
 a home to Merlin
please call Bobbie
07808 625519

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Merlin is a very loving and playful cat who likes nothing more than a cuddle on a lap or a snooze on your bed or in the garden.

He also likes napping in radiator beds, on fleece blankets and in sun beams.

Merlin is very much a people cat but not keen on young children, other cats or dogs.

Sadly, his owners are now moving away and their son has recently been found to be allergic to cats.

Merlin will need a loving, calm and stable home without other pets or young children. It would be ideal if his new owners were able to spend a lot of time with him.

Merlin who is 9 years of age, has had regular checks at the vets and is in good health.

He is neutered, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.


This beautiful 9-year-old lady is looking for a retirement home.

Despite straying for many months Gemma has been given a certificate of good health by our vet.

We first rehomed Gemma as a kitten in 2009.

Anim-Mates is horrified about the circumstances under which sweet little Gemma has returned to our care.

Earlier this year her adopter moved and left Gemma behind to fend for herself.

If only we had known we could have picked her up when he moved.

We promise adopters that we will always take our animals back if necessary, but sadly we were never informed about Gemma.

Poor Gemma could have been safe with us months ago during which she lived very rough as a stray.

A cat lover managed to catch Gemma and took her to a cat welfare organisation. After checking Gemma’s microchip they contacted Anim-Mates.

Thanks to her microchip Gemma was reunited with us and now enjoys warmth, safety and regular meals.

If you can offer
 a home to Gemma
please call Bobbie
07808 625519

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If you can offer
a home to Onyx
 please call Bobbie

07808 625519

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This adorable handsome boy is super friendly and the ultimate lap cat. Onyx is quite nervous and needy at the moment, seeking reassurance and company.

He loves to be held and cuddled, he wants to sit on your lap, he wants to be near you and is full of grateful purrs. He is a small delicate cat and makes you feel very protective towards him.

The last few months he spent as a stray have obviously left Onyx quite traumatised and he is absolutely desperate to have a loving home where he can feel safe with someone he trusts.

While it's early days and he will settle down, his basic character traits will remain and we think he will always be of a slightly nervous disposition.

Onyx would suit an adult home and could live with older responsible children and potentially other cats.

Because he is the kind of cat that could get between your feet and potentially trip you over, he may not be ideal for an elderly person.

Onyx is now neutered, microchipped, blood tested, vaccinated and flea and worm treated.

Our vet thinks he is about 2 years young.