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Until Anim-Mates is able to recruit more volunteer fosterers we are not able to rescue as many cats as we would like.

If you cannot find a cat below to adopt, please consider adopting from other cat rescue charities.

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Tristan is an incredibly sweet and affectionate cat who craves love and company.

He adores cuddles and loves face-to-face contact, head bumps and being kissed on his head. He does the cutest meows and stands up on his hind legs for attention.

Tristan is looking for a spacious bright indoor home. A cat-proof garden or catio would be a bonus but he will definitely need a window sill as he loves to watch the world go by.

Tristan has lived as a stray for several years and struggled to fend for himself.

He had a painful granuloma on the inside of his eyelid which was successfully removed but has left permanent scarring on his cornea.

Tristan, thought to be 7 years young, has been neutered, microchipped and flea and worm treated.

A blood test showed him to be very healthy but FIV positive (please read more about FIV here:

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