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Floyd, a frightened young puppy, was rescued from a roadside bush earlier this year.

He was severely malnourished, covered in fleas and lice and his back legs were deformed. Floyd could only walk by dragging his back legs behind him.

Floyd’s rescue was featured in newspapers, on radio, websites and many Facebook shares. Donations arrived from all over the country to help us meet the ongoing costs of future operations to correct his disability.

Floyd was diagnosed as having a proximal tibia deformity; his patella ligament is off to one side on both knees which restricts his movement. His knee can only move to a 90-degree angle and back but not any further forward as the patella ligament restricts it.

Floyd had his first operation in March. His back-left femur (thigh bone) was shortened, his tibia (shin bone) realigned and a new partial knee cap put in place.

The specialist vet who operated on Floyd said it was one of the most challenging cases

he had come across and was very pleased with how it went.

Once his stitches were removed Floyd was ready to learn how to walk properly.

He has physio twice weekly and daily exercises at home and weekly hydrotherapy sessions.

Once Floyd’s left back leg is strong enough to hold his weight, the specialist vet will be able to proceed with the surgery on his other back leg.

Teresa, who is caring for Floyd, is very happy that he has made such remarkable progress in a few months.

Floyd thanks you all for the good wishes and the donations, which are still being received.

 Before and after his first operation

At the groomers, physio and hydrotherapy