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If you would like to contribute to Floyd's ongoing vet bill it would be very much appreciated. Please click HERE to donate.

Meet Floyd

The following was posted on the Anim-Mates Facebook page on 22 February

This adorable puppy was rescued shivering and cowering, in a roadside bush back in November 2018.

Taken to a local vet Floyd was found to be in a very bad way. He was severely malnourished, extremely matted, covered in fleas and lice and estimated to be only about 5 months old. More seriously, a major issue for Floyd is the deformity of his hind legs and spine.

Thankfully Animals Lost and Found in Kent Ltd came to Floyd's rescue and spent the next month restoring his health and confidence, had him x-rayed and took him to physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions.

Upon hearing of Floyd’s predicament Anim-Mates offered to give Floyd a permanent home at our sanctuary and committed to getting him the necessary treatment to improve his condition.

Floyd is settling in well with many of the other rescue animals at Anim-Mates.

This sweet-natured cheeky boy has obviously stolen the hearts of all of our volunteers who are determined to increase their fundraising efforts to help cover the necessary treatments he needs ❤

As this video footage shows, Floyd has hind leg issues, resulting in a curved spine.

He is seeing a highly recommended orthopaedic surgeon on 1 March to start his corrective surgery.

The rough estimate for each leg is between £2700 - £3100, depending on whether he needs a partial kneecap.

If you would like to contribute to Floyd's ongoing vet bill it would be very much appreciated. Please click HERE to donate.

The article below appeared in the Medway Messenger on 28 February 2019

+++Update on Floyd +++

Floyd had his first operation on Friday 1 March where he had
his femur (thigh bone) shortened, his tibia (shin bone)
realigned and a new partial knee cap put in place on his left leg.

The specialist who saw him said it was one of the most challenging cases
he has come across and is very pleased with how it went.

Floyd came home Saturday and now the sedatives have worn off he is in very high spirits and back to being a very playful puppy and we are struggling to keep him occupied, so no one is getting much sleep at night 😆

Floyd is back for a check up on Monday and having his bandage off
 on Wednesday, if it lasts that long!

If all went well he will need the same again on
his right leg once his left leg is fully healed.

Floyd and Anim-Mates are so grateful for all the kind donations and good wishes
sent to Floyd, we thank you so very much.

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