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Lost and Found cats

EVERY WEEK almost 6,000 cats, and dogs go missing in this country. Searching for a lost pet can be quite traumatic.

Trying to find the phone numbers of various agencies who can help you is a hassle that you don’t want at such a crucial time. So, be prepared.

Make a list now of agencies you should contact like local rescues, police, vets, council dog wardens and road sweepers and put it in a safe place.

One way of identifying your pet is to have him or her microchipped.

This is very simple and painless, and can be done by your vet. It should cost between £10 and £30.

An ear tattoo is an alternative. It costs about £20 and lasts for the life of the pet.

Battersea Dogs Home supports cats

It uses a special computer system to log reports of cats lost and found within the M25, and tries to match them to reports of pets found in the same area.
To use their lost and found cat kit
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Found a cat? Get its microchip checked

Some cats have a microchip implanted in their body. This contains their owner’s details.

If you find a lost cat, please take them to any vet who will scan the cat for its microchip, free of charge.

The vet should then try to make contact with the owner.

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Black and white cat found

This black and white male was found straying in the Seagull Road area in Strood

He is neutered but not microchipped.

We are keen to reunite him with his owner.

If you recognise this lad please call Bobbie

07808 625519