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Little Penny has had an emergency life-saving operation.

When we took her for her booster vaccination/pre-op dental check yesterday our vet Magda immediately noticed Penny's distended abdomen and knew something was very wrong.

She did a blood test and attempted an ultrasound while Penny was awake. This showed a fluid buid-up in her abdomen but wasn't precise enough to give a diagnosis.

This morning Penny was booked in for a proper ultrasound under sedation. It showed classic signs of pyometra (uterus infection), requiring immediate surgery.

Her uterus was filled with dark pus and had grown so big that it would have ruptured within the next week and lead to Penny's death.

Although Penny had been neutered long before she came to us, for some bizarre reason only her ovaries had been removed but the uterus was left behind, which is extremely unusual.

We are immensely grateful for quick-thinking vet Magda and all the staff at The Warren House Group Of Veterinary Surgeries High Halstow branch, who saved Penny's life.

Pyometra is a big risk for unspayed female cats - this is part of the reason why neutering is so vital, even for indoor cats.