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Rabbits Needing a Home

Adoption information A rabbit's needs


George, described by his fosterer as a lovely 2-year-old boy, is looking for a female companion with whom he can spend the rest of his life.

George came to us as his owner became too frightened to handle him when he developed cage aggression from living indoors in a confined space.

Since being with us George has thrived in the freedom of being outdoors even coming to his fosterer for cuddles, which he loves.

Ideally, George, who is neutered and vaccinated, needs to live in a spacious shed and run.

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If you can offer a home to George please call Lisa

           01634 578258 or 07796 368243

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If you can offer a home to Byron please call Lisa

           01634 578258 or 07796 368243


Byron is a beautiful, energetic and playful 5-year-old male rabbit, who has spent all his life indoors.

As he has never liked being handled, Byron has not often been in a garden, as he is difficult to catch.

Byron has a fear of being picked up and tends nip.

Byron can be very lovely and gentle if he doesn't feel under threat- he particularly loves massages.

He needs an owner who has experience of temperamental rabbits.

Perhaps if Byron was bonded with a female rabbit  it would calm him down and bringing out the best of his personality.

Byron is neutered, vaccinated and litter-trained, and a safe spacious home would be ideal for him to thrive in.