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About us

Anim-Mates, a registered charity, provides sanctuary for a diverse collection of abandoned and unwanted animals of all shapes and sizes, young and old, some of whom are waiting for loving new homes, some of whom are in our care for life.

Here is a short video showing some of what we do at Olivers Farm.


There are many reasons why animals find their way to us.

It can be through abandonment, straying, the death of the owner, a relationship break-up or even moving home.

We take the animals into our homes and care for them. If our homes are full, we give contact numbers of other animal welfare groups to see if they can help.


Every animal that comes to Anim-Mates is cared for at a fosterers’ home and treated as their own pets.

All animals are examined by one of our vets. Those needing veterinary treatment, stay with us until they are well enough to be rehomed.

Should any animal require ongoing veterinary treatment the new owner is advised of this.

We have a no-kill policy.


Each potential new home is checked for suitability before any animal is placed there.

This ensures that the animal is in the best home, with the best possible owner.

Any animal that, for whatever reason, cannot be rehomed stays with Anim-Mates for the rest of his or her life.

Older animals may remain with us for a long time until that special someone.


One of Anim-Mates’ main objectives is to reduce the large number of unwanted animals.

To ensure that no animal for rehoming can breed, all rescued animals are neutered.

The exceptions are very young kittens. We require new owners to guarantee that the youngsters will be kept indoors until they are neutered at 5 – 6 months.

We ensure that new puppy owners have them neutered at the earliest possible time.

In the case of female guineas, where they may not be strong enough to have the operation, we rely upon the new owner to be responsible.

Stray animals

A stray animal is taken into our homes for a minimum of 28 days.

During this time we read their microchip so we can contact the owner. We register the animal with missing agencies and also make checks to see if anyone has reported their pet lost. If all that work proves negative, the animal is then put up for rehoming after 28 days.

In respect of stray cats, we try to determine if a cat is a genuine stray. The finder is asked to enquire locally if anyone has lost a cat, and to put a collar on the cat with the message: ‘If this is your cat please ring me.’

If no contact is made within 14 days, we assume that the cat is a stray and take them in.


Everyone who works for Anim-Mates – whether they are a trustee, fosterer, home checker, admin assistant, helper or fundraiser – is a volunteer. No one is paid for their work.

All we ask of our volunteers is to demonstrate their love of, and for, animals.


Roger Brown – Hon. Chairman
Teresa Bloomfield – Hon. Treasurer
Bobbie Bajwa
Stephen Peirce