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Our aim is to find every animal the best home that is suitable for him or her. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you, and ourselves. If you are considering adopting one of our animals, please read our adoption policy.


+++ REHOMED +++
is very gentle and shy. He has been thriving in foster care and clearly enjoys the safety and comfort of a home. He is becoming less timid and is regaining his trust in humans. With patience, love and gentle reassurance he will reward you with lots of cuddles once he trusts you. Major, who was living as a stray for some time, was diagnosed with probable IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) and is currently on a special vet diet. We are hoping this will resolve itself with time and good overall care.
 He also had four canine teeth removed, and has been castrated, microchipped and blood tested. He tested positive for FIV (please read more here) but is otherwise a very healthy boy. Our vet thinks he is about four years young.
 We are looking for an experienced and responsible adopter for Major who is happy to continue to provide him with the care he needs. He would thrive in a calm household without young children or other pets. A safe garden or catio would be a bonus but he is quite happy indoors.
 If you would like to offer Major a loving home please contact Bobbie on 07808 625519.


+++ REHOMED +++
is a tiny cat with a big character. He might be elderly and frail but is very proud, confident and vocal. This sweet and affectionate little cat has stolen the heart of everyone who has met him so far. Kirby loves nothing more than company and cuddles. He could snooze on your lap or next to you all day long, purring away. He also likes being carried around.
This dear little boy has had a very hard life so far, he was born outside and spent at least a decade as a stray (some residents claim it was 15 years!). When the old lady who fed him became bedridden, he had nobody to care for him and we came to his rescue.
Kirby has been thriving in the comfort of his foster home in the last 3 months while we sorted out all his health issues (blood pressure, thyroid, ear infection, eye treatment matted fur, dental). He also tested positive for FIV (please read more here).
Kirby suffered from an overactive thyroid which is now fully controlled by a vet diet. He is in fantastic health otherwise and doesn’t need any medication.
He eats one tin of Hills y/d vet diet a day, which costs about £1.33. He strictly cannot eat anything else, no piece of chicken, no Dreamie. This could be a problem if Kirby was to live with other pets as he cannot have access to their food, which is a shame as he loves cats and dogs!
Kirby needs a forever home with someone who spends a lot of time indoors and can give him plenty of cuddles. As he is an elderly cat with an existing condition we offer to help with his food and thyroid related vet bills.
If you would like to offer Kirby a loving home please call Bobbie on 07808 625519.




Rosie and Cosmo
This bonded pair of beautiful rabbits met while in our care and are now inseparable. Rosie is an extremely friendly rabbit and although she doesn’t like to be picked up she really does love to be stroked and have attention lavished on her. Cosmo is still a little cautious but he is coming around to Rosie’s way of thinking and enjoys a little stroke now and again. The pair are rather large rabbits and will need a very large home with plenty of space to run in. Both are neutered and vaccinated. Rosie is 2.5, Cosmo is 5 years young.
If you feel you have the right home for this gorgeous pair please contact Lisa 07796 368243





There are currently no guinea pigs ready for adoption. For updates or to register your interest please contact Lisa on 07796 368243.