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Our aim is to find every animal the best home that is suitable for him or her. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you, and ourselves. If you are considering adopting one of our animals, please read our adoption policy.


Elsa is a semi feral cat, who has never lived in a house before but is used to people. She is very gentle and passive but wary of being approached. Elsa will happily take treats directly from your hand and allows her head to be stroked but doesn’t give any signs that she enjoys it.
We hope that in time Elsa will settle into a home and learn to enjoy human company and perhaps even a fuss. She is currently kept in a separate room in her foster home and will undoubtedly improve once she is part of a household.
Elsa, who is thought to be about 12 years young, has lived for the last decade in the garden of a caring Gravesend couple who fed her and her kittens. Elsa had 2-3 litters of kittens each year for about 8 years until we stepped in and had her and her older offspring neutered 3 years ago.
Last month Elsa came back into our care with a foot injury. This sadly turned out to be cancerous and our vet had to amputate a toe from her front paw. The wound healed fantastically and Elsa is able to walk and jump without problems. However, we didn’t get a clear margin during the amputation and there is a very slim chance that the fibrosarcoma might return. In this case our vet would either need to amputate another toe or the whole front leg. We would cover these costs of course.
Because it is a very slow growing cancer which is unlikely to spread, there is a good chance that this will never affect Elsa again.
Nevertheless Elsa is under observation and should ideally be an indoor cat, possibly with controlled outdoor access such as a catio or cat proof garden.
We are looking for a calm, experienced and understanding home for Elsa, ideally in or not too far from Medway, where our vets are situated (Warren House group).
Elsa seems absolutely fine with other cats but wouldn’t like to live with young children or dogs. Elsa’s new owner would have to be very patient and not expect anything of her. Elsa will always be a timid cat and may never warm up to the human touch.
Elsa is neutered, microchipped, blood tested, vaccinated and flea + worm treated. She is in great health and her “black” eye is due to pigmentation without any loss of sight. We think it makes her even more unique!
If you would like to offer Elsa a home, please contact Bobbie on 07808 625519.





Rosie and Cosmo
This bonded pair of beautiful rabbits met while in our care and are now inseparable. Rosie is an extremely friendly rabbit and although she doesn’t like to be picked up she really does love to be stroked and have attention lavished on her. Cosmo is still a little cautious but he is coming around to Rosie’s way of thinking and enjoys a little stroke now and again. The pair are rather large rabbits and will need a very large home with plenty of space to run in. Both are neutered and vaccinated. Rosie is 2.5, Cosmo is 5 years young.
If you feel you have the right home for this gorgeous pair please contact Lisa 07796 368243





There are currently no guinea pigs ready for adoption. For updates or to register your interest please contact Lisa on 07796 368243.