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Our aim is to find every animal the best home that is suitable for him or her. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you, and ourselves. If you are considering adopting one of our animals, please read our adoption policy.


+++ RESERVED +++   Extra special home needed!
Mac is a very sensitive and slightly traumatised boy. He needs a calm and experienced home where he can settle into a routine and won’t have any more changes in his life.
Mac is a real love bug who loves being on a lap. He also enjoys cheek, bum and belly rubs. It takes him quite some time to trust someone and allow himself to relax so his new owner will have to be patient and allow him time to come out of his shell.
Mac could live with another very laid back cat but definitely not with young children.
Sadly we don’t know Mac’s history as he was dumped in a cat carrier outside Battersea in London before he came to us. We have no idea what caused him to be so terrified. Mac has been in foster care for 5 months and has made great progress in that time. While in our care he underwent corrective surgery on both lower eyelids (he suffered from a very painful condition called entropion, where the eyelids are rolled inwards and the lashes rub against the cornea).
Mac is thought to be 10 years young and he is in great health. He is neutered, blood tested, microchipped, fully vaccinated and flea+worm treated. He is a very big boy but no longer obese, as he was when he first arrived. As he loves his food he needs to be on controlled servings to keep his weight in check.
If you would like to offer Mac a loving home please contact Bobbie on 07808 625519


+++ ADOPTED +++
is a very sweet and playful young boy who loves to play fetch.
Because he is deaf he will need to be an indoor cat.
His deafness doesn’t bother him at all and he has learned to understand hand signals. When Casper wants human attention he meows quite loudly because he can’t hear himself but he’ll stop as soon as he knows you’re there.
Casper is very affectionate and loves people. He loves to cuddle but is also extremely playful. He needs a lot of stimulation; his new owner will need to be prepared for a high energy cat! Casper sleeps a lot but he’s also super active at times. He is very smart and always looking to explore new places or to reach things that fascinate him, such as tiny spiders in the corner of the ceiling. He absolutely adores his big cat tree which gives him a really nice high perch to go to and feel safe.
We are looking for a loving home with people who are there most of the day. His original owner felt she couldn’t give Casper enough time as she worked very long hours and thought it wasn’t fair on him.
Casper then went to a new home with an existing older cat who grieved for her feline companion. We thought both cats would benefit from each other’s company but sadly the dynamic between the cats wasn’t right and the age gap too big. Casper was too vivacious and ended up tormenting the other, very placid, cat.
We are therefore looking to rehome Casper either as an only cat or with another very young energetic cat he can play with.
Casper is 19 months old, neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated and flea+worm treated.
If you would like to offer him a loving home please contact Bobbie on 07808 625519








There are currently no guinea pigs ready for adoption. For updates or to register your interest please contact Lisa on 07796 368243.