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Our aim is to find every animal the best home that is suitable for him or her. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you, and ourselves. If you are considering adopting one of our animals, please read our adoption policy.


Sweet Holly is a very affectionate and gentle little cat. She likes to be close to you and rolls over for belly rubs. She really enjoys being brushed and fussed, is quite playful and can be rather chatty at times. She doesn’t like being picked up or sitting on a lap but will happily sit next to you. New things and new people worry Holly initially, she very much likes her routine and will hide from strangers. She does enjoy spending time outside, so a safe garden is a must.
We feel Holly would be best suited to a calm household without very young children or dogs. She seems fine with the presence of the other cats in her foster home, although she hasn’t met any of them directly.
Holly was rehomed by us four years ago after being found as a stray with kittens. Sadly her owner is about to move into a care home and asked us to find her a loving home.
Holly is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and flea + worm treated. Our vet thinks she is about 5 years young.
Can you offer this petite young lady with her adorable beauty spots on a perfectly shaped upside down white heart a loving forever home?
Please call Bobbie on 07808 625519
Iago is a very sweet, gentle and affectionate cat. He loves company, cuddles and a lap and doesn’t like being alone for too long. He is full of purrs and quite vocal.
If you’re looking for some love and laughter in your life, this little bundle of joy will be perfect for you!
Iago is playful and very interested in other cats. He loves to be part of everything that is happening and will follow you around, sometimes turning into a trip-hazard!
He would be a perfect companion for someone who spends a fair amount of time at home and would allow him to share their room at night.
Iago was found as a stray in very poor condition with a very painful gum issue which required 2 referral treatments including laser surgery. The surgery was a great success and resolved his issues. Iago is still on steroids to aid his recovery. Although we are confident that Iago will be weaned off his medication completely (which he takes perfectly in his food) we would like his adopter to be confident in giving tablets, just in case.
We will cover any costs related to Iago’s mouth in future, though we expect no further problems for him.
Iago is neutered, microchipped, flea+worm treated and blood tested (not vaccinated yet due to recent op). Our vet estimates him to be 4 years young.
If you would like to offer Iago a loving home, please contact Bobbie on 07808 625519.
Maybelle is a very sweet and affecionate cat. She might be a little shy to start with but as soon as she trusts you, she can’t get enough fuss and cuddles. At only 2 years of age she is very inquisitive and playful.
Maybelle sadly lost her left front leg as a result of a terrible armpit wound after her leg got stuck in her collar. The wound just wouldn’t heal and after 6 months the only option was to amputate her leg. This doesn’t stop her to get around at all, she is quite fast!
For her own safety she’ll need a cat proof garden.
Maybelle is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and flea + worm treated. If you’d like to offer her a loving home, please call Teresa on 07743 331397.




There are currently no rabbits ready for adoption. For updates or to register your interest please contact Lisa on 07796 368243.




Meet Milo
This gorgeous 2 year old boy is looking for a new home with a lady friend or two. Milo has been with fosterer Lisa for 4 weeks and wasn’t a very happy piggy but now he has flourished into a very happy, playful and confident boy.
Milo has been neutered but still has 3 weeks to go until he can be in with girls. We are looking for an indoor home. Please call Lisa 07796 368243 if you have the right home for him 💕