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Recently rehomed

Berry found happiness in St Mary’s Island

Leo rules the roost in Broadstairs


Janet loves life in Dartford


Bugs & Lola are happy in New Ash Green


Enid & Tayto rule their household in Rochester


Bobby is in charge of the stables in Istead Rise


Millie found peace and happiness in Edenbridge


Starsky and Hutch are ruling the roost in Cliffe


Lyla found happiness in Dartford


George is being pampered in Rochester


Buddy enjoys life in Higham


Tim rules the household in Gravesend


Haribo is being adored in Gravesend


Edward has found happiness in Cliffe Woods


Socks & Top Cat (now Mister) are very happy in Minster On Sea


Nancy loves life in Hoo


Jammie and Dodger are happy in Rochester


Moe & Curly, now Buddy & Teddy, are happy in Chatham


Tyler has found happiness in Cliffe Woods


Bluebell and Pickles are happy in East Grinstead


Wolfie is being pampered in Rochester


Candy loves life in Bromley


Bella has found her dream home in Allington


Tilly is being pampered in Iwade


Marlon has found happiness in Keston


Pippa loves life in Hoo


Draven, now Raven, is loving life in New Eltham


Twinkle is being cherished in Hadlow


Larry, now Shadow, is being cherished in Rochester


Rosie loves her forever home in Strood


Holly has landed on her paws in Strood


Monty is getting pampered in Borough Green

Freddie is living the dream in Maidstone


Maybelle is living the life in Rochester


Pimms, now Pearl, loves her home comforts in Vigo Village


Iago rules the roost in Tunbridge Wells


Lucky is happy in Erith


Ali loves her retirement home in Vigo Village


Björn, now Dave, is very happy in his forever home
in Wainscott


Queenie and Tina are happy in Ashford


Tiddles enjoys life in Tunbridge Wells


Mak loves his forever home in Cliffe Woods


Casper, now Hekleif, is happy in his forever home in Chatham


Rosie and Cosmo are happy in Strood


Elsa, now Lea, loves her forever home in Gravesend


Goldie, now Tigger, is being pampered in Rochester


Major Tom is happy in Harvel


Travis and Cooper are buddying up in Maidstone


Suzy is feeling perky in Gravesend


Koko has a twinkle in her eye in Twydall


Cookie is enjoying life in Twydall


Kirby rules his forever home in Bethnal Green


Harry relaxes in Longfield


Millie is happy in Chatham


Henry is enjoying Northfleet


Freddie looks perky in Strood


William is settled in Sittingbourne


Bert is chilled out in Charing


Bubble and Squeak having fun in Rainham


Bruza and Benji both like Sittingbourne


Pepper, Mr Pig and Parsley cuddle up in Rochester


Ebony and Willow together in Lower Halstow


Pickle is comfy in Gravesend


Darwin loves Boughton under Blean


Cecil, now Rudy, loves his forever home in Northfleet